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They are the gemstone variety of obsidian. Apache tears are rounded nodules of obsidian volcanic black glass. An Apache tear looks opaque by reflected light, but translucent when held up to light. Apache tears are usually black, but can range from black to red to brown.


They are often found embedded in a greyish-white perlite matrix. Emotional uses: T his volcanic black glass reminds you that you can turn to others for support while you allow your feelings of grief to take their normal course, which can be very rocky at times. Physical uses:. Use apache tear as a tool to help you cry because physical tears produced are physiologically beneficial. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Apache Tears: Where To Find Them In The American Southwest - Rock Seeker

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Apache Tears Apache Tears
Apache Tears Apache Tears
Apache Tears Apache Tears
Apache Tears Apache Tears
Apache Tears Apache Tears
Apache Tears Apache Tears
Apache Tears Apache Tears
Apache Tears Apache Tears

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