Blood Will Tell (Darkover)

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Series: Darkover Shortfiction

Darkover Landfall 9th P. Darkover Landfall 13 P. The Spell Sword 5th P. Survey Ship Sword of Chaos 1st Ed. Sword of Chaos 3rd P. Sword of Chaos 7th P. Two to Conquer The Winds of Darkover. Quoted from the Rear Cover: For Jeff Kerwin, Darkover meant home, the home he had left as a child, the home he longed for through the many years.

Yet, he was to be terribly disappointed when he finally returned. First he learned that there were no records of any kind of either his birth or childhood on Darkover.

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And then, after he renounced his Terran allegiance and joined the natives attempting to free Darkover from Earth's control, the Darkovans accused him of being a spy. Someone was betraying them.

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Had Jeff been conditioned on Earth for just that purpose? Jeff Kerwin began to wonder just who, and what, he really was. Select either: "This Book Only". Cover art by Jack Gaughan.

Quoted from the Rear Cover:. Cover art by George Barr. This novel is not a Darkover book, but Darkover is mentioned in passing in the story. It is an expansion of Bradley's story Bird of Prey which first appeared in the May, issue of the magazine Venture.

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Quoted from the First End-page:. Bertram Chandler pages. Condition: Very Good. Overall book is neat and clean.

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Binding is intact and tight. Covers and spine are bright. Acquired used, so may have been exposed to cigarette smoke. Daw No. Cover art by Richard Hescock. G Shapero. Daw UJ Copyright page says cover artist is Jack Gaughan, but the cover art is by George Barr. Black-and-white frontispiece drawing by Jack Gaughan. Daw UW Frontispiece black-and-white drawing by George Barr. Cover art by Don Maitz. Daw Books, Inc.

Never Before in Paperback. Cover art by Ricard Hescox. Frontispiece illustration by George Barr. Cover art by Hannah M.

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Never before in paperback. Cover art by Michael Whelan. Darkover Landfall 1st Ed. The Door Through Space. Free Amazons of Darkover. The Heritage of Hastur. Hunters of Red Moon. The Keeper's Price. The Spell Sword 3rd P. Sword of Chaos 1st Ed. The Winds of Darkover. Overall, book is neat and clean, but used. Covers are clean and bright. Pages are neat and clean, no tears. Quoted from the Rear Cover: Darkover, planet of wonder, world of mystery, has been a favorite of science fiction readers for many years.

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For it is a truly alien sphere -- a world of strange intelligences, of brooding skies beneath a ruddy sun, and of powers unknown to Earth. In this new novel, Marion Zimmer Bradley tells of the original coming of the Earthmen, of the days when Darkover knew not humanity. This is the full-bodied novel of what happened when a colonial starship crashlanded on that uncharted planet to encounter for the first time in human existence the impact of the Ghost Wind, of the psychic currents that were native only to that world, and of the price that every Earthling must pay before Darkover can claim him for itself.

Binding is intact and tight, except for forward bend of spine and delicate binding because of its age. In this novel, Marion Zimmer Bradley tells of the original coming of the Earthmen, of the days when Darkover knew not humanity. Overall, book is neat and clean, but used and shows signs of its age. Binding is intact and tight, except for partial forward bend of spine, mostly at bottom. Overall, book is neat and clean. He had repeatedly imperiled his life amongst the half-human and non-hum creatures of the sullen world.

And he had repeatedly accomplished the fantastic missions until his name was emblazoned with glory.

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Young Regis has no desire to walk the path that law and tradition have laid down for him, but wishes, instead, to take ship and see the Terran Empire, especially as he has not yet developed the psychic powers that mark his caste. But the Terran Empire is not popular with the rulers of the Comyn Domains, among whom is the lord of Hastur, Regis's grandfather.

An agreement with Lord Hastur that he will spend three years walking the path of a Comyn heir brings Regis into contact with the one person who can awaken his dormant psychic powers. Because of his mother's ancestry, Lew is reviled on Darkover as bastard and half Terran. When he makes a journey to the renegade Domain of Aldaran on his father's behalf, he finds himself embroiled in what he believes at first is a noble effort to show the Terran Empire that Darkover is not a backward feudal planet to be protected and nurtured, but a galactic power in her own right with her own advanced matrix technology.

Unfortunately, the matrix that is chosen as part of the demonstration is more than just a crystal for amplifying psionic powers. It is also the gateway for the entity Sharra, whose only aim is destruction -- and when Sharra gets out of control, it is Lew and his new wife Marjorie who must stop her. Lew, bonded to Sharra and unable to be separated from the great matrix, takes it offworld with him when his father takes him out into the Empire.

But Darkover teems with plots and machinations and when Lew returns to Darkover at his father's behest, he perforce brings Sharra with him -- and right into the hands of those who will do anything to rid Darkover of the Terrans once and for all. Meanwhile, Regis Hastur has discovered some very disturbing new dimensions to his psychic gifts, including a curious power over Sharra.

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When Sharra once more gets loose, it will be up to Lew and Regis to stand in her way and save both Darkovans and Terrans from her fury. It is fitting for The Heritage of Hastur and Sharra's Exile to be published in an omnibus volume as they tell a single, deeply complex story, that of the struggle for Darkover to be accepted in the Terran Empire and still remain true to herself.

Blood Will Tell (Darkover) Blood Will Tell (Darkover)
Blood Will Tell (Darkover) Blood Will Tell (Darkover)
Blood Will Tell (Darkover) Blood Will Tell (Darkover)
Blood Will Tell (Darkover) Blood Will Tell (Darkover)
Blood Will Tell (Darkover) Blood Will Tell (Darkover)
Blood Will Tell (Darkover) Blood Will Tell (Darkover)

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