Blues Breakers With John Mayall and Eric Clapton

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When John Mayall Retooled for ‘Blues Breakers With Eric Clapton’

Oh yeah, I put the colourful scarves over the lamps in my room, creating atmosphere There were many changes taking place, and I was listening to the right thing at the right time. Even the most superficial spin of this disc lets you hear what all the fuss was about. All of the music found here is innovative, and fluid It is easy to see why John Mayall has remained such a propionate figure to so many, he not only uses instruments in ways that compliment each other, but the man has chosen cover songs that compliment his original works seamlessly.

This is probably the first non jazz album I had ever heard that allowed its members to stretch out with precision, traveling without wondering aimlessly. This music is as bright and fresh as the day it was recorded Clapton stated in his autobiography that he was reading The Beano on the cover because he felt like being "uncooperative" during the photo shoot. Despite being listed on the album jacket, Eric Clapton was responsible for but one single song on the release, and even that "Double Crossing Time," was co-penned by Mayall.

Originally, John Mayall intended for his second album to be also a live venture in order to capture the guitar solos performed by Eric Clapton. Due to the shaky recordings of the concert and the lack luster quality of the performance, the adventure was cancelled.

Review by Jenell Kesler. Reply Notify me 2 Helpful. The quality of this pressing is quite poor, I have to wonder where the master was sourced. Look for another release.

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Making Time- John Mayall's Bluesbreakers featuring Eric Clapton

LP collection by flomalie. Blues Records by starringo. Original Cover - Tribute Cover by ksdfjsldfj. My LP Collection by springer First-generation CD's by earshot. My Japanese Albums by kigonjiro. Albums I intend to listen to by AudioEnthusiast. Ffej's Mono's by ffej. The Soundtrack of my life so far by maxalber.

Japanese Mini LPs by Internaut. Elpees by edvanrossum. Albums I've listened to by Matthius. Comic Book Readers by cheebacheebakid. Home Of The Blues by gaspipe. MOFI Collection by insertusernamehere Ma Collection John Mayall by valdipop The year is now , and while The Beatles are manipulating tapes and dropping acid, John Mayall and company are finishing up the album that would forever cement them into the fabric of everything sixties, as well as in the minds of every kid with a Muddy Waters record and an electric guitar.

With such virtuoso covers as "What'd I Say" and "Ramblin' On My Mind", the Bluesbreakers not only asserted themselves as the cream of the blues crop in England, but also made the still pop-infested Yanks across the pond take notice of the style of music they had so unwittingly spawned. The stunning, three minute long instrumental "Hideaway" only displays Claptons' undeniable genius as a lead guitarist, but also shows off the rather unknown and ever rotating rythym section as a force to be reckoned with in it's own right.

But what of the man himself? It is arguable Mayalls' voice has never been better than on this classic record, and showcases some talent in the rythym guitar and harmonica department, as well. By the time "Parchman Farm" has finished it's second run, it's somewhat more apparent why Clapton got second billing.

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Hughie Flint Drums is likewise in top form, not merely banging around in a frenzy of self-indulgence, but subtley and tastefully providing the tunes with the beat they deserve The exception being the drum solo in "What'd I Say" , with John McVie Bass thumping along, creating his own spotlight at times, and slipping into obscurity at others. And yet, that's partially what makes this record as unique as it is.

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  6. No one is trying to promote themselves over the group, as would become the fashion in the latter half of the decade and on throughout the Seventies, but complementing each other, and displaying the passion required to perform a piece of blues music and not sound like a wanker, which in Claptons' case says a bit more than for anyone else, considering Cream was less than a year away from becoming a reality. Like many classic albums of the sixties, this one does not skip through it's length unscathed, providing a weak song or two such as "Lonely Years", which is essentially a rythym guitar, a screeching harmonica, and Johns' distinctive voice, all intertwined in rather poor sound quality; as well as the waltzy, nearly six minute long saxophone driven number entitled "Have You Heard".

    While the former is relatively quick, sitting through "Have You Heard" can be a daunting task in it's own right; on par with climbing Everest after a pint or two of Jagermeister. The music itself varies quite substantially throughout the album, with mournful songs driven more by harmonica "Another Man" , to the guitar fury that Clapton is so well known for on songs like "Little Girl" and "Steppin' Out".

    The album flows remarkably well, seguing from one tune to the next in a Michelle Kwan-type fashion. Naturally, while everybody delivers a solid performance, it's Clapton who shines on this record, and it;s Clapton who would reap the most from it. It was after this album that the infamous "Clapton Is God" graffiti started mysteriously popping up all over London.

    It is also worth mentioning the striking similarities between the guitar riff following the drum solo in "What'd I Say" and the main riff in The Beatles "Day Tripper". Even with a few lesser tracks, the album and the sound of it are blues at it's finest, with lovely guitar grooves and fantastic piano playing, too. The bulk of the album maintains the quality one would expect from a record credited with launching the career of one of the most renown bluesman to ever live , and while it's reputation may precede it in some ways, it's legacy gargantuan, it's impact undeniable, this is undoubtedly one of the shining acheivements of the counter-culture, and a reference point for every guiatarist to ever bang out a I-V-IV chord progression.

    Pros- Fantastic, tasteful playing by everyone. Superb covers of classic songs. Helped launch the blues revival. Cons- Alot of covers take away from artists' own originality. Some songs falter compared to the others. Silversun Pickups Carnavas. The Beatles Please Please Me. Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin.

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    6. Johnny Almond is a wonder on baritone sax. Bruso , Jun 30, Dmann likes this.

      Location: Madison, WI. We're going to end up recommending everything Mayall recorded on this thread. But my personal favorite of his albums other than this one is "The Turning Point", from It's a live set in which Mayall tries out a stripped-down, light, "unplugged" style with no drums or heavy guitar. It's a real shift from the Bluesbreakers record, and he gets it right.

      Given that blues-rock has a tendency to be heavy and is very rarely light, it's a very refreshing approach to hear. Mayall put out a ton of material in the '60s, and his filter for deciding what was worth putting on the record was very forgiving.

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      Every album, other than the one with Clapton, has got a few duds on it. But I haven't heard one that didn't also have great stuff on it, too. Location: Moorhead MN.

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      This record was the reason for Clapton Is God scrawled across London walls in in s While Fresh Cream has always been my favorite Clapton album being asked to pick one song it would have to be Have You Heard Every white boy blues band from Clapton to Free owes a debt to that album Last edited: Jul 1, Location: Europe. One of my favorite early Clapton solos. Wingman , Jul 1, Frosst and A Saucerful of Scarlets like this.

      Location: Bangor, Maine. Mike Dow , Jul 1, Location: Australia. All Down The Line , Sep 12, Umbari , Sep 12, Location: Godalming, Surrey, UK.

      Blues Breakers With John Mayall and Eric Clapton Blues Breakers With John Mayall and Eric Clapton
      Blues Breakers With John Mayall and Eric Clapton Blues Breakers With John Mayall and Eric Clapton
      Blues Breakers With John Mayall and Eric Clapton Blues Breakers With John Mayall and Eric Clapton
      Blues Breakers With John Mayall and Eric Clapton Blues Breakers With John Mayall and Eric Clapton
      Blues Breakers With John Mayall and Eric Clapton Blues Breakers With John Mayall and Eric Clapton
      Blues Breakers With John Mayall and Eric Clapton Blues Breakers With John Mayall and Eric Clapton

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