Confess, Fletch (Fletch, Book 2)

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Indeed, Dave, although I've only discovered John D.

Chronological Order of Fletch Books

You may be right on Gregory Mcdonald's only strength being dialogue — I must admit the plots of the subsequent Fletch and Flynn novels have vanished from my memory. But that dialogue alone is reason enough to read him, I reckon. Next in this run of posts on books which begat perhaps more famous films , we move from an obscure '60s crime novel — in a Gollancz first edition — and its '70s movie adaptation to a rather less obscure '70s crime novel — also in a Gollancz first edition — and its '80s movie adaptation:.

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Amy Neftzger 4 July at Chris 4 July at Chris 5 July at Dave Plante 20 July at Newer Post Older Post Home. This kicked off a habit Mcdonald developed of jumping around in the Fletch chronology, writing prequels followed by sequels followed by prequels again, occasionally stopping to fill a gap in the chronology here and there. In the order in which the novels take place, the series leads off with Fletch Won , in which Fletch is a young and engaged-to-be-married, relatively inexperienced reporter.

Then comes Fletch, Too which finds Fletch on his honeymoon in Africa, searching for his long-lost father. After that, it's Carioca Fletch , the Brazilian novel mentioned earlier; Confess, Fletch , which introduced Mcdonald's other series character, the Irish-born Boston Police Inspector and loving family man Francis Xavier Flynn; Fletch's Fortune and Fletch's Moxie , which find our hero investigating shady goings on in the U.

South; Fletch And The Man Who wherein the once doggedly anti-establishment Fletch finds himself working for a mainstream presidential campaign; and finally Son Of Fletch and Fletch Reflected which actually focus more on the mystery-solving exploits of John Fletcher Faoni, a young man who claims to be Fletch's illegitimate son, conceived during the events chronicled in Fletch's Fortune. You got all that?

Book Review: Confess, Fletch by Gregory Mcdonald

Some later volumes in the series have their detractors. Mcdonald drastically changes Fletch's circumstances throughout the series, and even the focal characters, which means that you don't always get what you expect. Of course, some see this as a virtue, but be aware that Confess, Fletch , for example, is as much a Flynn novel as it is a Fletch novel, and Fletch is pretty much a secondary character in Fletch Reflected. As well, be aware that not all the actual mysteries that Fletch has to solve are on the innovative level of the original novel.

But Mcdonald is a lean, economical stylist, and even the least of the Fletch novels flies along at a breakneck pace, with wit, panache and subversive mischief to spare. Fletch won a Edgar in for best first mystery novel.

In , Mcdonald won another Edgar Best Original Paperback Novel for the follow-up, Confess, Fletch , the only time a novel and its sequel have won back-to-back Edgars. The decision to publish Confess, Fletch only in paperback struck many as odd -- Fletch , after all, initially appeared in hardcover -- but most of the subsequent Fletch novels would also appear as paperbacks, despite pressure from other writers who felt that Mcdonald was devaluing the mystery genre by not publishing in hardcover.

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Hardcover publication of the series resumed with Fletch Won Fletch also made his successful movie debut in The movie Fletch is a reasonably faithful adaptation of the novel of the same name, despite a somewhat broader comic tone. The complete series of novels, in publication order, is as follows:. It is fairly faithful to the book in terms of dialogue and story, though it is mainly remembered probably for the various comedy disguises that Chase puts on.

The movie sequel, Fletch Lives , has nothing to do with the books and is best forgotten I certainly have.

Fletch -Gregory Mcdonald

The best critical analysis I have read on the Fletch series is by John McAleer and was published in the Winter edition Volume 21, number 1 of the late, lamented The Armchair Detective and is well worth seeking out. As far as I know it has not been reprinted, though I would love to be proved wrong on this.

The Mystery File site published an excellent interview with Macdonald by Lee Goldberg, which you can access here: www. For more information about the late Gregory Macdonald, see the official homepage at: www.

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All seriousness aside, this first book in the series is top notch, and rest are awfully good too. Anyone not having read them yet is in for a treat. Hi Steve, thanks very much for the comments. I wish liked the sequels from the 90s featuring his son more but haven;t read them since they came out so may well try again.

I read these books about twenty years ago. You have made me want to dig them out — at least the first one and re-read it.

Order of Fletch Books -

Thanks for this wonderful post. Hello Brian, thanks for the kind words. Having last read it nearly 20 years ago, it was a very pleasant surprise for me to discover how much I still like and admire this book — funny and tender, tough and unsentimental yet very cleverly plotted too — works like a dream.

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Funny how that can work…Enjoyed reading your post, as usual. Hi Todd, thanks very much for the comments.

It is a very variable series and I completely agree that the first two are best combinations of character and plot. I initially read them all straight through in publication order, which is great in terms of the development of the character but the plots clearly do get weaker.

Confess, Fletch (Fletch, Book 2) Confess, Fletch (Fletch, Book 2)
Confess, Fletch (Fletch, Book 2) Confess, Fletch (Fletch, Book 2)
Confess, Fletch (Fletch, Book 2) Confess, Fletch (Fletch, Book 2)
Confess, Fletch (Fletch, Book 2) Confess, Fletch (Fletch, Book 2)
Confess, Fletch (Fletch, Book 2) Confess, Fletch (Fletch, Book 2)

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