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Ignacio acknowledges the complexities yet encourages both practice and ways to determine the pronouns acceptable to the person in question. They continues the transqueering your sex series with a comparison of fantasy and reality. They asks many questions to help spur self-reflection and increase self-awareness. Ignacio also helps with the conversation and negotiation with persons outside the gender binary. They define these brief play scenes, provide some examples, and discuss the important preparation for them.

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Jillian of Locked in Steel discusses chastity during part 2. She highlights the many reasons for chastity play: to exchange power, to be in bondage, to show fidelity, to increase devotion, and many more! Jillian also notes some of the practical concerns about chastity belts and mentions price ranges. In Part 3, Minx Grrl introduces animal role play. She responds to frequently asked questions about such play: What is the point?

What activities can I do? Do I need equipment? Minx Grrl answers additional questions too — with some emphasis on the relationship between human animals and furries. They discuss and demonstrate some of the core elements of brat play e. They continue with a series of questions. Do you get hit often with your own shoe? Do you laugh a lot at your top or bottom and do they laugh back? Brat play is all about energy, and they cover it thoroughly. Mistress Shae Flanigan introduces sploshing, emphasizing the sensations involved in such messy play, discussing safety, techniques, and much more.

With the outline in place, this makes a great start for learning about the fun of domestic discipline. Patti Britton explains in this clip how our erotic triggers for arousal are rooted in the five senses. Male, female, or other, you can learn more about what turns you on by exploring the wealth of stimuli available, from lotions to dirty talk to erotica. Richard Sprott discusses the origins of fetishes in part 3.

Based on a Freudian understanding of sexual development, he explains the roots and nature of sexual attraction as well as the idea of fetishes. Sprott talks more on the origins of fetishes during part 4. He again looks back to our childhood years, explaining the importance of the couple years just prior to puberty. He connects these years to those formative ages of three to seven, and notes how these early years help create the primal images that can drive our sexuality.

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This podcast covers a wide range of kinks. In part one, Eve Minax takes a moment with her newly-mummified Ed to talk about some of the sensations and enjoyable aspects. From the sensual and meditative to the orgasmic and giggly, mummification can offer a wide range of fun.

He explains how much he loves both the tactile and psychological sensation of the suit on many different levels. He also talks about the more practical aspects, such as the variety, durability and cost of a zentai suit collection. In part 3, Lamalani discusses her experience as a titleholder International Ms.

Leather and Washington State Ms. Leather In part one, Alex Bettencourt draws from various sources such as books, films, magazines, etc. She discusses the way to keep the service person motivated and gives specific suggestions for training and preventing micro-managing. Lucky Albatross talks about the emphasis on service as a long-term situation, which can be intimidating to people hesitant to take on such a major task. Lucky Albatross presents a solution in part two: using a different person who is better equipped and can be trusted to give the aftercare that is needed for either party.

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She talks about how best to communicate and provide for the different needs and also some strategies in case you have to do without. She offers many practical tips to help improve your post-sexual experiences with your partner s. Annie and Scotty begin to explore the many ways that the submissive woman can eroticize a power exchange relationship with a dominant man.

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Annie enthusiastically shares that Being the object of desire for a powerful man is quite a trip. He stresses that this is role play, not an excuse to be an asshole to women in everyday life. With the consent and negotiation of a willing submissive female, Scotty happily endorses bringing out the dominant aspects of your sexual appetite. While it can be fun to indulge in the idea of not having any say in what happens to you, the reality is that you are responsible for yourself on a very basic level. They explain how to engage that responsibility while still keeping the play hot and sexy for both of you.

This podcast starts with Nayland who discusses some motivations for psychological status play and begins to differentiate between the four key words: embarrass, humiliate, degrade, and objectify. If more… then he must deploy his skills in multiplying by three again. He has a degree in mathematics, so he is good at that. If the duration runs late into the night, then I would typically use a webcam and review on fast-forward in the morning, rather than relying on the glass ornament.

Of course, any chores still remaining from the day must also be completed before bedtime, without any stinting. However, Mistress Scarlet, thanks to your lovely suggestion: the next time he has a really serious beating, I will at the end produce a wooden chair, and place on it my doormat I mean my real doormat, of course, not skivvy which is made of thick, bristly and slightly irregular coir.

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His thinking time will be spent sitting on that: ribboned hands on head and two glass ornaments balanced in place, one on his folded hands and the other on his lap. My estimate will be fixed to the wall in front of him, as usual. Fifteen minutes? One hour? Two hours? Or perhaps it should be longer — after all, he is sitting down. Oh, I am so looking forward to this! I do hope it is not long until his next serious beating. Of course, I can simply impose one capriciously but I do like him to feel that a punishment is his own fault and that he could have avoided it if only he had acted differently.

Regret can bring such sweet tears, even before any pain is applied. What can he fail at?

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Perhaps I will wear a ruffled blouse today… a little s perhaps, but it is a complete nightmare to iron properly. He rarely gets it right. Another comment from the wonderful Lady Jessica I have posted here as I know many blog followers do not read comments on posts. The concept of a naughty subby having to take a guess at what punishment he is due, with significant consequences for guessing low, I think has been mentioned before on my blog, but as you might expect, Lady Jessica uses this technique exquisitely and cruelly! And I certainly get a warm feeling knowing Lady Jessica is now adopting a minor technique of mine.

It is a favourite for me when dominant women share ideas to keep their males deeply subjugated and themselves pleasantly amused. You really are too kind: to me, that is. I was touched by your very complimentary words on my modest contribution and those of the many contributors in the comments. Making my own skivvy suffer is of course its own reward but how lovely it is to think that his regime brings pleasure as well to so many strangers on the Internet.

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  8. And as for this post , Mistress Scarlet! How lucky all our boys are not only to have women who bring purpose and structure to their lives, but also to be part of a global community that takes such delight in their pain and humiliations. One little twist I enjoy and, you know, I have been reading your blog for so long my dear, that I do not even recall if it originally came from you, so do forgive me if this is old hat , is to allow skivvy to set the parameters of his punishment.

    I believe that if he himself takes some responsibility for determining the consequences of his behaviour, it will focus his mind more closely upon the sins he committed. Not the worst error perhaps, but imagine how cross I would be if I reached into the cupboard without looking carefully and pulled out a different garment from the one I was expecting, just because my lazy skivvy had not bothered to check the sequence! Skivvy would then sit down and write a short essay — no more than words, say — on the importance of good order in domestic chores, or perhaps more philosophically on why he seems unable to carry out even the simplest tasks adequately.

    Then he will bring me the essay, for me to check or to discard as the mood takes me. And then I will ask him to suggest an appropriate number of strokes. I place the cane on my desk, in full sight, to help him concentrate and I place as well a piece of paper on the reverse side of which I have previously written my own estimate of the appropriate punishment. Then he must request whatever number he thinks suitable.

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    How many strokes, skivvy? I give him time to decide. He is usually shaking in fear at this point, so I am in no hurry to move on: it is one of my favourite times of the day. But he must choose: asking me politely for the number of strokes that, in his considered opinion, he deserves.

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