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Staff at Tooth Angels are also very friendly and approachable. Got my wisdom tooth removed for the first time about 2 weeks ago! The procedure was painless and quick, so thank you Dr. Chia for that!


The nurses and receptionists were all really warm and friendly towards the patients, and I felt extremely at ease throughout my time there. I've had some bad experiences at other clinics so I do get really wary when it comes to dental procedures and clinics. Clinic was well organized, approachable staff knew clearly what they had to do; more importantly, Dr Yim was clear in explaining my condition, gave professional advice as to what she thinks was required and was planned to do.

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Felt assured under her steady hands. I had bad dental experience before so was very cautious in selecting the dental to remove my wisdom tooth. Chance upon Tooth Angels and read good reviews on wisdom tooth removal so decided to give it a try. I was taken good care by Dr Melvia Chia and the team during the process. No pain, very assuring throughout the procedure and it took me 30 mins to remove 4 wisdom tooth.

Wisdom teeth extraction with Tooth Angels

The follow-up service from the clinic after my surgery was also wonderful and didnt expect to be that dedicated. I strongly recommend Tooth Angels and Dr Chia's service if you wish to have a painless and assuring procedure. Hey presto! Ok my cheeks were a little swollen so I hid them behind luscious purple hair hahaha. It was the left one where they had to cut the gums and drill the tooth into pieces.

But other than looking a couple of kilograms fatter on my face than I should, there was no discomfort to the swelling at all. Others have enough room in their mouths for the teeth. If that happens, part of the tooth may be covered by a flap of gum. Bits of food and bacteria can get trapped under the flap. This can cause swelling and a low-grade infection called pericoronitis. This usually happens with lower wisdom teeth.

>Divine guidance? Angels, tooth fairies and what we can ‘know’ | Everyday Spirituality

Pericoronitis, and the pain it causes, are the most common reasons people need wisdom teeth taken out. Sometimes the teeth are tilted under the gum. They may cause pain, but not always. You may feel nothing at all for years. You may not even be aware that you have wisdom teeth until your dentist sees them on an X-ray. Regular dental visits are important during your teens and early 20s. If you visit your dentist regularly, he or she can use X-rays to follow the progress of your wisdom teeth.

Any problems will be seen early. The most common problems are decay, infection and crowding or damage to other teeth. Teeth next to the wisdom teeth are more prone to developing gum problems. But more serious complications can occur. Some people develop fluid-filled growths called cysts. These can cause permanent damage to bone, teeth and nerves. In rare cases, other tumors may develop as well. Younger people also heal faster than older ones. As you age, it will take longer to recover from the surgery.

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Possible Complications source :. Sophy Burnham, a Washington-based writer, believes she has met angels and that her life was even saved by one.

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Burnham was barreling down a European mountain on her back, head first, during a ski accident that she believed would lead to certain death. Suddenly, she writes, her fall was stopped by a mysterious skier who stood in her path. Neither she nor her then-husband, who had watched helplessly as she fell, could figure out where the man came from or where he went. Angel sightings, you might say.

Along with these notes, she gathered her favorite references to angels by great poets and philosophers. There were things we should be saying to each other, not nagging, picking at me so.

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It is so nice to hear. Of course.

Juice Newton - Angel Of The Morning (Official Video)

I had not understood. We could approach the topic of death, say how much we cared for each other. A week later she was dead. I want them to know they are not alone. Also for all the people who have not had an experience with angels.

From the Teeth of Angels From the Teeth of Angels
From the Teeth of Angels From the Teeth of Angels
From the Teeth of Angels From the Teeth of Angels
From the Teeth of Angels From the Teeth of Angels
From the Teeth of Angels From the Teeth of Angels
From the Teeth of Angels From the Teeth of Angels
From the Teeth of Angels From the Teeth of Angels
From the Teeth of Angels From the Teeth of Angels

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