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This research paper is concerned with the image of stereotypes in selected short stories of Katherine Mansfield. Especially the German stereotype in In a German Pension will be analyzed. This quote summarizes what is important to know, before analyzing the short stories. She does not value most of the stereotypes she imputes to her characters, but because of her special way of carrying it to the extremes, she manages to convey her views about German stereotypes to the reader.

These views will be analyzed later on.

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By repeating these stereotypes in the different short stories in this collection, they become especially apparent and shift into the centre of the discussion. Even if Mansfield herself feels ashamed of her work, which she has written in her younger years, it is definitely an important piece of literature, speaking of German stereotypes. This is the first story of her book In a German Pension and one recognizes directly the German names between the English words, which makes them stick out.

Some of the stereotypes are noticeable even after reading the first lines and are summarized best in the following quote:. It is the same for Fraulein Stiegelauer the owner of the pension. She loves meat and solid food and blames the narrator for being vegetarian and not knowing her husband's favourite meat and seems to be the role model of the Angel in the House [4] with motherly charm.

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She represents the typical German Woman, not very beautiful wears a hair knot but short tempered. She pretends to watch her health and explains how she planned her day. She seems to be overweight a stereotype of German women that is found very often in the short stories is that they are overweight and, as the narrator mentions, eats a lot, almost too much, of the fruits apricots that are important for her health, as she claims.

Herr Rat seems to have a distinctive sense of appreciation for order and timing and plans his complete day and night.

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  • Mansfield also mentions 'Munchen', this city is widely regarded as the centre of Germany. It seems to be the city that represents Germany best even if most of the Germans themselves would deny that. If we did we would have had her long ago. He seems to represent the German type that is always interested in war and discussing the status of his and the other's army and chances when war breaks out.

    Of course his country, Germany, is the superior one and he does not notice that he is very impolite towards his English listener, while making fun of their military possibilities. The Germans in this story seem to have strong opinions about the English and England and are demonstrated to be anti-feminist and not emancipated especially Fraulein Stiegelauer :. Who ever heard of having children upon vegetables? It is not possible. They are tactless and almost arrogant even if they do not recognize it and eat a lot instead of paying heed to the health and figure put always pretend to eat because of their health.

    It is concerned with the relationship of an unmarried couple [6] , a subject that first appears here and is an important plot, even if it is only the sub-plot. The strange man who is visiting her was actually searching for a Fraulein Schafer, but If he is a German remains unclear, because we do not find out his name. According to the way Mansfield describes these two characters, which have the same behaviour like the other Germans in the stories, they probably are Germans and support the image of a German, according to Mansfield. The anonymous stranger probably is a German, because he fulfills the former, established pattern of a German man.

    He seems to be very rude and possessive. He treats Viola like a little child who has to obey. This unknown man is totally disrespectful and he enjoys himself tremendously, but in contrast looks like a fine gentleman. But in the end he turns out to be a coward instead of a tough guy. Even if he does not tell about his numerous body functions, he seems to belong to the German group in this collection and is represented as a fine looking brute and Viola as the little silly and not as a typical housewife who knows her husband's favourite meat.

    According to Moore, the rude man of this story is based on one Katherine Mansfield had met in her own life [7] , so this rude and brutal behaviour must not be meant as solely typical German. She is, at the beginning, very material and interested in her beauty and wealth, a little bit hypochondriac and addicted to attention. Viola is very erratic, like the swing of the Pendulum that swings from one side to the other, she changes her view towards Casimir very rapidly.

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    Still, it remains unclear where she comes from. They will then discontinue the payments.

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    • If the deceased received the payment by the NL Renten Service through the Postbank, which is most likely the case, please either immediately send an email or send the information about the passing through the contact form of the NL Renten Service:. Webpage of the NL Renten Service. Pension payments which are made after this time must be paid back to the pension authority.

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      Please note that after the notification of the death has been received in Germany, it can take several weeks until payments will be stopped due to banking procedures. As many pensions are paid at the beginning of a month, overpayments occur regularly.

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      The Pension Authority will try to retrieve the money from the account, to which the pension was paid, directly or will contact the next of kin.

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      In a German Pension In a German Pension

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