Introduction to quantum physics for mathematicians

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Mathematical Problems in Quantum Physics

In classical physics these ideas are mutually contradictory. Despite the success of quantum mechanics, it does have some controversial elements. Related Stories. This new quantum circuit opens the door to possible future To identify a particle's characteristics, physicists introduced the notion of Combining quantum mechanics and In quantum physics, however, these A new article discusses the physics of frequency modulation in superconducting quantum circuits, ultracold atoms, Many processes in nature, however, are so complicated that conventional Hard as a Diamond?

Now, science is opening the door to the development of new materials with these seductive qualities. The scientists behind the invention hope The study found that existing and Quora User , Physics PhD. Once you have the intuition, you can either skip directly to original papers which would be cited in these short books or read more advanced books which are also cited within these books or are easy to find later on. Taylor: Amazon. Griffiths: Amazon. Purcell: Amazon. Schroeder: Amazon. Introductory Physics Series : A. French: Amazon. Lifshitz: Amazon. Zee: Amazon.

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Hibbs: Amazon. So feel free to skip to the relevant sections. What are the biggest tracker networks and what can I do about them? Updated Jun 11, What will likely be the biggest challenge? What would be the roadmap for a working mathematician to learn physics? What's a reading list for physics? How easy is theoretical physics for a mathematician? What's the best mathematics book to learn physics?

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Quora User , Master's student in Thermal Sciences. Originally Answered: What is a good reading list for a mathematician to learn physics quickly? Quickly being a key part of this question.

Quantum Theory for Mathematicians

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Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase. Brian Hall's book "Quantum Theory for Mathematicians" is a welcome new resource for mathematicians who are interested in pursuing independent study of non-relativistic quantum mechanics.

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The primary purpose of the book is clearly identified in the Preface, where the author states that "The twin goals of the book are 1 to explain the physical ideas of quantum mechanics in language mathematicians will be comfortable with, and 2 to develop the necessary mathematical tools to treat those ideas in a rigorous fashion.

I would like to discuss four aspects of Hall's book that make it very unique. One need not be a specialist in functional analysis or have an extensive background in physics in order to profitably study this book. To help readers who have no background in classical mechanics, Chapter 2 develops, from scratch, the essential notions of Hamiltonian mechanics that one must carry forward into quantum mechanics.

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics: Schrodinger Equation

The clarity and economy with which this chapter is written is simply remarkable. To those who have come to believe that they can determine in a few pages whether a book will be useful or not, I would encourage you to read the first few pages of Chapter 2 to make the determination for Hall's book. A remark from the Preface may resonate with many prospective readers: "Quantum mechanics books in the physics literature are generally not easily understood by most mathematicians For example, Section 3.

In addition to the brilliant introduction to classical mechanics already mentioned, four entire chapters are devoted to the development of spectral theory for bounded and unbounded self-adjoint operators. Chapter 16 provides a succinct overview of Lie groups and Lie algebras just before their first appearance in the study of angular momentum and spin. Nevertheless, readers who are not specialists in functional analysis may occasionally want to consult a text in that subject for purposes of amplification and context.

I would suggest that the first volume of Michael Reed and Barry Simon's four-volume set is an especially good choice, directed as it is toward the study of quantum mechanics. Hall's earlier book on Lie theory is an especially well-written introduction for those who are completely new to the subject and find his Chapter 16 overview a bit too intense. Finally, it should be noted that the concluding Chapters 21, 22 and 23 in Hall, which discuss geometric quantization, assume a familiarity with the theory of smooth manifolds. This is an area in which physicists and mathematicians truly speak different dialects, and Hall's presentation will be a revelation to mathematicians who have struggled to understand some of the physics references.

Hall's book presents quantum mechanics at approximately the same level as a graduate physics course.

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  • A mathematician who is totally new to the subject may ultimately be led to ask some more basic historical and foundational questions about the early development of the subject. The first five chapters of the undergraduate-level book "Quantum Physics" by Eisberg and Resnick contain a beautiful distillation of the early history of quantum theory along with elegant heuristic arguments that help explain how the mathematical structure of the theory gradually emerged.

    Advanced books such as Hall's must, of necessity, take much of this material for granted. The author of this review is a mathematician who has devoted much of his professional life to mathematical physics.

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    It is therefore particularly encouraging to me to finally see a book on quantum theory that fully achieves the goals of presenting the subject undiluted and in a form that will make it accessible to a broad audience of mathematicians. I regret that Hall's book was not available many years ago when I first began teaching myself quantum theory; it has now become my primary recommendation to my mathematical colleagues who ask for my opinion.

    Hall's book should be added to a short, selective list of works that attempt to communicate modern physics to mathematicians without compromising the physical content; I would include in that list: 1 Gerald Folland's book on quantum field theory, 2 the book by V. Arnol'd and, at a more advanced level, 3 the book by Ralph Abraham and Jerrold Marsden on classical mechanics, and 4 Barrett O'Neill's masterful introduction to semi-Riemannian geometry and general relativity, along with his later work on Kerr black holes.

    Throughout history, it has proved important to both disciplines to keep the lines of communication open between mathematicians and physicists; this is perhaps more true than ever in this age of hyper-specialization. Hall's book represents a substantive contribution to the effort.

    A ridiculously short introduction to some very basic quantum mechanics |

    Awesome book! Great service! Another book for your PhD son. This Book is a complete view of Quantum Theory. One person found this helpful. Format: Hardcover. I am a 60 year old salesman, and a 'hobby mathematician'.

    Introduction to quantum physics for mathematicians Introduction to quantum physics for mathematicians
    Introduction to quantum physics for mathematicians Introduction to quantum physics for mathematicians
    Introduction to quantum physics for mathematicians Introduction to quantum physics for mathematicians
    Introduction to quantum physics for mathematicians Introduction to quantum physics for mathematicians
    Introduction to quantum physics for mathematicians Introduction to quantum physics for mathematicians

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