The Old Boys (Paul Christopher, Book 6)

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McCarry, Charles 1930-

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Joel Rogers. After much confusion about the sequence of the series I stumbled upon your blog. So read them in this order:. I understand your point about the sequence of events but, as I understand it, the publication dates are the order in which the books were written. And clearly you can read them in any order you please; the post was merely to point out the story sequence, and I included the publishing dates for those who want to follow that.

Enjoyable series. Wonder why no movies? They seem a natural. Read these is the sequence recommended. What is told in these extraordinary, heart-wrenching, conscience-disturbing novels — and that is far more than you can imagine when you begin the journey, especially with the somewhat thinner if you will Miernik Dossier as the beginning, which it turns out it is not — cannot be disclosed or stated in any simple, straight line way.

The novels cover multi-generational family territory, and not sequentially either.

Christopher's Ghosts (Paul Christopher Series #7)

Think of a rose. It is what it is, but, if one delicately pulls it apart never mind who would do this , petal by petal, one finds the same thing, but not quite the same thing as one goes deeper into the flower. Traces of what you learn in earlier books, and foreshadowings of things not yet told, show up with some frequency, are remembered, and returned to, often in depth, at some other time in a later novel. This causes you, the reader, if you remember them, as you should, to wonder whether that is exactly what was said before, whether you saw it that way when you first read of it, whether the differences, when you find them there are not very many as to straight facts , were intentional, if so, for what purpose, and so on.

A lot like real life, you know? One reading is unlikely to be enough — so keep them around.

I agree, though, that it might not make much difference when all is said and done. I prefer to hit them fresh. So if you read in the order of publication, rather than in the chronology of the story events, you will be informed ahead of time of certain things that you might prefer not to know before you read the story itself.

But: tastes differ. My thought is that it was only after The Tears of Autumn that McCarry realized what he had with this story, and as the outlines of the full scope of the work took shape, he realized that he needed a novel that occurred before the events in The Tears of Autumn the second novel he wrote , and so he wrote it at once—but necessarily it is then published out of the sequence of the story. I see no reason to be bound by the publication dates.


What happens in Secret Lovers are burning, shattering, life changing experiences for Paul Christopher. It would be fair to wonder, if one had not already read Tears of Autumn, whether, after absorbing what he does and what happens to him in Secret Lovers, he will be able to go on at all.

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Rembrandt’s Ghost

Specials Apps Gift Center. In his ninth decade he published three further novels, the science-fiction Ark , about an attempt to save the world from a coming apocalypse, and two tales of modern espionage, The Shanghai Factor and The Mulberry Bush McCarry also did script doctoring, for the director John Frankenheimer , among others, as well as travel writing, particularly about the American south-west, and he edited From the Field , a collection of articles from National Geographic magazine.

He is survived by Nancy, their four sons, Caleb, Nathan, William and John, five grandchildren and three great-grandsons. Topics Fiction.

Old Boys (Paul Christopher #9) by Charles McCarry

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The Old Boys (Paul Christopher, Book 6) The Old Boys (Paul Christopher, Book 6)
The Old Boys (Paul Christopher, Book 6) The Old Boys (Paul Christopher, Book 6)
The Old Boys (Paul Christopher, Book 6) The Old Boys (Paul Christopher, Book 6)
The Old Boys (Paul Christopher, Book 6) The Old Boys (Paul Christopher, Book 6)
The Old Boys (Paul Christopher, Book 6) The Old Boys (Paul Christopher, Book 6)
The Old Boys (Paul Christopher, Book 6) The Old Boys (Paul Christopher, Book 6)

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