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Apple - Pacific Rose™ - tasting notes, identification, reviews

Bet it's fantastic right off the tree! I have just eaten one of the tastiest apples out of a Sainsbury family pack, I never thought that I would be so interested to find out what type of apple it was. The Spartan now has my vote for a snack or an addition to a ploughman's lunch. My Spartan remain very healthy and completely pest and disease-free Eastern UK despite the claims that they are supposed to be prone to canker or other diseases - but perhaps that will come as the trees age.

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The tree itself is about medium vigour or perhaps slightly less than medium if allowed to crop heavily at a young age - which can happen because it is quite precocious and fertile. The fruit is remarkably free from pest or fungal damage, although if the skin which is quite thick and has a yeasty "bloom" is broken, the fruits succumb surprisingly quickly to brown rot. With us having an unusually warm spring followed by an unusually cool summer, the fruits have been of inferior quality this year; developing the notorious "metallic" and "woody" taste woody as in the taste when you lick your ice-lolly stick which can happen occasionally.

In most years, the Spartan fruit produced here is good, and palatable to most people; fairly sweet and juicy, with hints of melon and strawberry. Fruit tends to lose its quality after a few months of storage - tasting fermented and losing its texture, although, like Red Delicious, can still look excellent on the outside. I purchased some of these the other day from a farmers market, who come to our local town once a month. This is the first time that I have tried them and they were recommended and I must admit they were absolutely gorgeous. I have a family apple tree where Spartan is the dominant apple.

Although the apple is good, every year I lose most of the crop due to a worm parasite which seems to burrow into virtually evey apple on the tree. For this reason, most of the apples end up in pies or discarded. My neighbour has one in his garden and it fruits well and is resistent to the typical Pacific Northwest crop of diseases. Tastey too. Have 4 spartan in my garden. Oldest one is now 5 years,fruiting well,cover with netting to prevent attacks by birds, they are not having MY spartan!!!!!

What a great apple,picked one or two this morning for eating latter in day. Question, Do they store? Inherited this apple tree and over the years it has yielded a lot of fruit - never tasted an apple so good - bumper crop this year so brought apples into work - everyone raved about the taste,colour,texture etc yummee OP: Yes, this is an easy apple to grow, and great straight from the tree.

This apple has the best taste for cooking or eating and I would like to grow my own tree's, but cannot find where to buy them in Clallam County? We like spartans very much but it seems to be a very short season.

Pacific Rose™ apple

We've found them in Waitrose and Sainsbury's. Is it possible to buy a box from an English grower? OP: Yes, Spartans are great straight from the tree, but don't really keep. Every year we pick apples at a friend's orchard, but we never knew what they were until we had them identified at the apple day at the botanical gardens last week end. The ones we love, aka "the purple ones", as my children call them, were identified as Spartan, but they are almost plum colour, with white flesh tinted pink in places, and not as squashed in shape as the one in your photo.

Nothing like it really The others, which we also like but not as much, are Queen cox and Crispin Mutsu - these were probably ready a bit earlier and have gone a bit soft, but the taste is quite nice. We also picked some Howgate Wonder for baking, and they are nice and sharp, but I quite like to eat them raw too!

My first experience of a Spartan apple, and its certianly a good one. Seems to be available in Waitrose at the moment - at least until I buy them all! I have just had the apples growing in our garden identified as Spartans. I love the way they have a whitish bloom on the skin until you polish them, then they glow deep red, much darker than the picture above.

They make a wonderful sunset coloured apple juice, keep well when stored - altogether, a great apple! I grow Spartan apples in my back garden. This year was an exceptional crop. One medium tree yielded nearly kg of the little gems, which I shall shortly be pressing to make some Spartan Cider!

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I love the spartan apple, but I haven't been able to find them in a long time, I finally got some at an Amish roadside stand I frequent near my home. I ate one on the way home and couldn't get over how good it was, I'm going back to get some more. Bought 3 of these. My children hated them! I however adored them as they brought back memories of my childhood.

Spartan identification photos

No idea why. Will buy them again.

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I absolutely love this apple, but it is extremely hard to find where I live. Every year I ask various growers from around my area, but it seems noone has them. I would appreciate knowing where I can find these delicious apples. They have a grove of organic, u-pick apples with a ton of different varieties that mature between August and October. After enjoying a morning of apple picking, we came home to do some apple taste testing. I also wanted them to record their experience with each apple in a scientific manner.

Zion on the taste of apples

Apple picking was a blast! After a bit of practice, the kids got really good at selecting ripe apples from the trees. In fact, they got so good that we ended up picking over 24 pounds of apples to take home! The farm had a number of apple varieties in seasons, and we wanted to try them all. For this apple taste testing activity, I then supplemented our self-picked apples with one or two additional varieties from the grocery store to have six varieties of apple in all.

We all took turns tasting different varieties of apple.

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My husband and I then helped the kids to record their impression of each apple on this Exploring Apples! See below to download a copy for personal or classroom use. In the end, we all liked the Gala, Jonagold, and Red Gravenstein apples best. We all had pretty full stomachs by the end too. As you can see there are two versions of the worksheet. Love, love! The printable is wonderful, and this is such a great extension for a trip to an apple orchard! I hope we get a chance to do this activity.

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The Taste of Apples The Taste of Apples
The Taste of Apples The Taste of Apples
The Taste of Apples The Taste of Apples
The Taste of Apples The Taste of Apples
The Taste of Apples The Taste of Apples
The Taste of Apples The Taste of Apples
The Taste of Apples The Taste of Apples

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