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Mod creators say Motorola has been a source of encouragement as they dream up new ideas.

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When Thomas Lancer submitted an idea for a battery pack with fold-out charging prongs in February, for instance, he received an email the next day from Stephen McDonnell, the head of the Moto Mods program, who wanted to discuss the idea further. Lancer believes his idea, which would let users recharge their phones without carrying cables around, could be a killer application for Moto Mods, and felt emboldened after talking to McDonnell.

He assembled a team from one of his past jobs as a technology consultant on felony criminal prosecutions, and quickly got to work on an Indiegogo campaign.

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Liangchen Chen learned this firsthand while designing the physical keyboard Mod that Motorola has been demo-ing at tech trade shows this year. Chen and his company Livermorium were among 13 finalists in a developer contest Motorola held in April —including two that were eligible for venture funding from Lenovo Capital—but the keyboard is the only one that appears to be near completion. You really need a team to specialize.

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Those companies and zoom lens maker Hasselblad declined to comment on their experience. Avi Greengart, an analyst with GlobalData, wonders if Motorola had a bigger hand in product development with those companies.

After a year of getting to know the platform, Chen believes his company could easily develop new mods, or even work with Motorola to help other Mod makers create new products at a faster clip. More than half of adults age 65 and older are taking five or more prescription medications, over-the-counter medications or dietary supplements, many of them designed not to treat acute suffering, but instead, to reduce the chances of future suffering.

Aging in the 21st century is all about risk and its reduction.

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Insurers reward customers for regular attendance at a gym or punish them if they smoke. Long live living long! But when is it time to stop saving and spend some of our principal? If you thought you were going to die soon, you just might light up, as well as stop taking your daily aspirin, statin and blood pressure pill. You would spend more time and money on present pleasures, like a dinner out with friends, than on future anxieties.

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When it comes to prevention, there can be too much of a good thing. Groups like the United States Preventive Services Task Force regularly review the evidence that supports prevention guidelines, and find that after certain ages, the benefits of prevention are not worth the risks and hassles of testing, surgeries and medications.

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  • Recent guidelines for cholesterol treatment from the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association, for example, set 79 years as the upper limit for calculating the year risk of developing or dying from heart attack, stroke or heart disease. They also suggest that, after 75, it may not be beneficial for a person without heart disease to start taking statins.


    Age seems a blunt criterion to decide when to stop. Is Mr. Cohen at 80 really 80?

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    Running away from home, she hooks up with a small-time hood Brad Pitt , who convinces her that working as a go-go dancer and prostitute in a seedy dive is the best way to get ahead in life. Shot up with drugs and threatened with death, she and the hood commit a brutal murder; Amanda is caught and tried as an adult, facing the death penalty.

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    It is the difficult task of Too Young to Die? Instead of preaching, director Robert Markowitz lets the details tell the story. The cast is first-rate: Lewis invests her hard-eyed, tough-talking Amanda with a fundamental innocence and pain. Lewis gives her character a dignity that a supposed throwaway like Amanda is rarely granted on TV.

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    Too Young to Die

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